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Depending on the time of day and location, incidents create 55-60% of the congestion on highways in Nevada.
Identifying the severity and location of a crash can significantly shorten the response and clearance times, it may even save lives.
An accident that occurs as a result of congestion or distraction from a prior crash is referred to as a secondary accident.
Exact figures on the number of secondary accidents are difficult to calculate. Preliminary results of a study by UNLV indicate that as many as 22% of all incidents in the Las Vegas region are the result of an earlier crash.
Secondary crashes can potentially be more serious than the original crash as motorists become impatient and distracted with their driving. National studies show that as many as 18% of secondary crashes result in a fatality.
Every minute a crash remains in traffic

The TIM Coalition is funded by the Nevada Department of Transportation as a statewide project in Nevada. The Department of Transportation partners with the Nevada Department of Public Safety, Highway Patrol in the implementation of safe, quick clearance TIM. There are six (6) centralized locations where stakeholders gather bimonthly: Reno Nevada, Las Vegas Nevada, Winnemucca, Elko, Ely and Tonopah.

If you would like to have more information about this project please contact:

TIM Coalition Project Manager for NDOT:

LaShonn Ford, NDOT
Phone:  775-888-7566

TIM General Contractor: Parsons Transportation Group

Pat Gallagher, Project Manager,
Email: ,
Phone: (702) 789-2028

Rita Brohman, PMP, Project Coordinator,
Email: ,
Phone: (916) 847-9480

David Strawn, Incident Management Specialist,
Email: ,
Phone: (702) 789-2027

TIM Coalition DPS-NHP Contact:

Southern Nevada TIM Captain, Kevin Honea

Northern Nevada TIM Lt, Luis Zapata

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